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McLeans Ridges Weather Webcam
and Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

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McLeans Ridges Weather Webcam facing north
Current NSW local date/time:

The camera is located at McLeans Ridges, 12km east of Lismore and 9km northwest of Alstonville, in the Northern Rivers district of NSW, Australia. The site is 140 metres above sea level at Lat: 28o 47' 38" S (-28.79), Lon: 153o 23' 54" E (153.40): Google Map location. The Nightcap Range is in the background and the Wilsons River upsteam of Lismore is in the valley foreground. The camera is operated by Michael Bath during daylight hours with images typically updated every 30 seconds.
Local region radar: [Grafton 128km Scale] [Grafton 256km Scale] [Brisbane 128km Scale] [Brisbane 256km Scale]

For the latest detailed forecasts, weather photography and storm chasing, like our Northern Rivers Severe Weather Group Facebook Page.

Wind speed observations from AWS 1 are unreliable during light breezes. Please use the Weatherbug AWS links for more accurate observations.
AWS 1: Weather at McLeans Ridges NSW
21:12:00 27 March local time
10:12:00 27 March 2015 UTC
Dew Point
Base height of Cu cloud
Wind Chill
Heat Index
Wind Speed (gust)
Wind Speed (average 1 min)
Rainfall Rate
Rainfall (previous 24 hrs)
+21 °C
67 %
+14.6 °C
800 meters. (2624 feet)
1019 hPa and Steady
+21 °C
+24.4 °C
Calm from 263° (W)
Calm from 274° (W)
0 mm/hour
0 mm since 9.00 am
13 mm
AWS 2: Weather at McLeans Ridges NSW
 See also observations from the WeatherBug AWS.
 [Overview Page] [Daily Obs] [Monthly Obs] [Graphs]

McLeans Ridges is also an official Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) rainfall location - site ID 058023.

Official McLeans Ridges rainfall observations:
[monthly] [daily]

Past observations from nearby AWS at Ballina and Lismore are available from the BoM.

See also the Spring Grove AWS (about 5km northeast of Casino) which provide online weather observations 24/7.
AWS1: Extreme conditions Since 9.00 am 24 hrs to 9.00 am Since station reset on 1st Jan
Maximum Temperature
Minimum Temperature
Maximum Humidity
Minimum Humidity
Maximum Dew Point
Minimum Dew Point
Maximum Wind (gust)
Maximum Barometric Pressure
Minimum Barometric Pressure
Maximum Rainfall Rate
Total Rain
+29.2 °C at 13:23
+21 °C at 21:11
78 % at 09:19
48 % at 13:26
+20.7 °C at 09:50
+14.3 °C at 19:54
15.5 km/h, 120° at 14:23
1019 hPa at 21:11
1017 hPa at 18:59
0 mm
+32.7 °C at 15:57
+20.7 °C at 07:14
78 % at 09:19
49 % at 15:55
+23.3 °C at 14:18
+15.3 °C at 20:00
25.6 km/h, 292° at 19:55
1019 hPa at 08:59
1013 hPa at 17:59
61 mm/hour at 19:48
13 mm
+38.3 °C at 13:46 on 18 January
+16.3 °C at 06:30 on 16 March
87 % at 08:05 on 22 February
15 % at 14:04 on 17 January
32.4 km/h, 35° at 17:17 on 01 January
467 mm of rain since 09:00 on 01 January

AWS month-to-date totals and averages are available from the Daily Summary Page.

24 Hour Weather Graphs






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